A simpleton's journey to a fulfilling life, one birthday and bucket list at a time.
  • Some days, you really just need to remind yourself that it’s all worth it.  You might not see it now, but once you cross that finish line you’ll finally be able to see how far you’ve come.  Keep pushing.  Keep dreaming.  But most importantly, keep praying.  I will walk by faith, not by sight.

  • Get whipped into shape…Brooke Windom style!

  • Introductions and Goals of Badassery

    Well hey readers!  My name is Michelle, and I’m going to be completely honest with you and tell you that I have started and deleted my intro about 15 times now.  Why I’m deciding to stick with this intro, I have absolutely no clue, but let’s rock it yeah?

    Not only have I started this introduction half a million times, but I’ve also started blogs at least that many times.  Those blogs, I am sad to admit, have died a horrible death.  Why?  I kill them with excitement for about a week and then leave them hanging until they fall off the face of the Earth.

    In an effort to keep this introduction short, I’m going to leave this with a few short goals of what I hope to achieve with this blog.  This blog, while public, will be used as a personal tracker of my bucket lists (a great many things) ranging from physical training to traveling the world….and keeping up with the blogosphere. 

    Each bucket list, however, will have a deadline other than when I “kick the bucket”.  These are goals I intend to achieve each year, before my next birthday.  So happy early birthday me!  You’re ‘bout to get yo booty wooped into shape ;)